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We offer a range of coffins in Bath at our Funeral Directors. We have styles that are beautifully designed and will suit all budgets, and we can help you choose the best receptacle for your loved one. With a wide variety of designs, we are sure to have the perfect option for your ceremony. Traditionally, coffins have always been made from wood, however, we have a much larger range for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a colourful design that reflects the personality of your loved one, or an eco-friendly option, get in touch with us today to find out more.

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Our Choices

At G. Mannings Funeral Directors, we have a range of choices that are all high-quality and expertly crafted. From traditional oak designs with carved handles, to modern contemporary style coffins available in a variety of designs that will make a statement. Among our themed coffins, we can offer golf, counting sheep, rose and iris and even a style for motorcycle enthusiasts. Our wooden options include:

  • Ash Tree – A polished veneered oak coffin with cremation fittings.
  • Ash Grove – A polished veneered oak coffin.
  • Ash Mount – A polished wood coffin with burial fittings.

Eco-Friendly Coffins

Furthermore, we also have eco-friendly coffins as green funerals are becoming increasingly popular. These coffins will biodegrade into the earth naturally, therefore leaving the surrounding environment undisturbed. Our range includes:

  • Pine – Built using Scandinavian Redwood and trimmed with single mouldings.
  • Seagrass – This material is highly renewable and when it is spun into a strong yarn, it is woven into a beautiful curved ended coffin. It is also supplied with cotton lining and rope handles.
  • Bamboo – This is the fastest growing plant on earth, and our coffins are 100% natural and biodegradable. Supplied with a fitted liner.
  • Wicker – These are beautiful natural woven coffins that are supplied with a soft natural fabric lining and rope handles.

Our Coffins

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